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Advantix for Dogs

see advantix in the shop here Active ingredients: imidocloprid & permethrin

About Advantix

Advantix contains the two proven ingredients Imidacloprid and Permethrin. On their own these are new products however together they proved a synergism which will:

  • kill and repel paralysis ticks - when applied every 14 days
  • kill and repel brown dog & bush ticks - over 96% of ticks are repelled after contact with a treated dog. 95% of these ticks then die after this brief exposure
  • kill fleas - fleas will stop feeding within 5 minutes on treated dogs and both adults & larvae are dead in 20 minutes. Within 12 hrs of an application of Advantix 98-100% of fleas on the dog are dead
  • reduce incidence of FAD (flea allergy dermatitis)
  • repel and kill mosquitoes & sand flies
  • control lice

Presentation and Application

Advantix is presented in either packages of 3 or 6 ampoules for 4 different dog sizes. It is applied directly to the skin usually between the shoulder blades. it may be divided into several places in larger dogs. 
For paralysis tick control it should be used every 14 days
For other ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, sandflies and lice it can be used on a monthly basis.

As Advantix binds to the lipid (fat) layer of the skin, it remains effective following bathing, swimming or rain exposure. 


Advantix can be used in puppies over 7 weeks of age. It can also be used during pregnancy and lactation. Advantix is not absorbed systemically. Permethrin cannot be found in the blood of dogs after treatment - it stays in the lipid layer of the skin.
There may be a slight tingling, itchiness or numbness around the area where the dose was applied. This is due to the permethrin and although it may be annoying it resolves within 24-48hrs without any long-term effects.

# Do Not use in Cats

Cats are unable to metabolise permethrin due to their unique physiology. In multi-pet households cats should be separated from dogs for 12 hours after application. After this time it is OK for dogs and cats to play or lie together. If, however, your cat actively grooms your dog, then alternative flea/tick treatments may be required

Advantix is available in the shop for dogs here