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I am feeling very calm :)Feliway is synthetic form of a naturally occurring F3 fraction of feline facial pheromone of cats. This is the pheromone released when your cat rubs its cheeks against an object which they generally d when they feel safe in an environment. The pheromone conveys a feeling of well being and security.

When changes occur in a cat’s environment (e.g. moving house, new arrivals, changing furniture) or if a cat is scared a state of stress may occur. This psychological state can lead to behaviours such as urine spraying, scratching and loss of appetite or play behaviour.

In such a situation Feliway can be used to restore the balance as it mimics the cat’s facial pheromones, creating a state of calm and well being.

What are pheromones?

Pheromones are used for chemical communication between members of the same species. The release of a pheromone by one animal can affect the behaviour of another animal (of the same species) that detects the pheromone. Pheromones are contained in various glands thought the cat including anal glands, face, footpad and sweat glands. In cats there are three main types of pheromone described: Territorial, Alarm & Familiarisation.

Feliway for Cats

When to use Feliway ?

Feliway is useful in situations that cause stress in your cat leading to behavioural changes.

The following signs can indicate stress in your cat:
  • Urine Marking
  • Vertical Scratching
  • Loss of appetite
  • Reduced desire to play
  • Reduced desire to interact with you or other cats

Such signs can occur in the following situations
  • Moving House
  • Adoption
  • Furniture rearranged
  • New arrivals - pet, baby etc
  • Overcrowding

How it use Feliway ?

Feliway is presented as a spray for direct application to surfaces or as a Diffuser which is plug into the mains power and provides a constant affect. You can see both forms in our shop here