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Invisible Fences

see the range of invisible fences in the shop here Does your pet climb or dig under fences to escape your property? Have you experienced that sinking feeling when someone left the gate open and your dog has escaped? Is your "Houdini" dog costing you a fortune in fines from the local council?

Now there is a system that enables you to keep your dog safely within the boundaries of your property without being obtrusive to your surroundings, and it is less expensive and more effective than a fence.

You create an in-ground barrier using the easy-to-install boundary wire. When your dog is wearing a containment collar and approaches within 1-3 metres of the boundary, he hears an audible warning tone. If he ventures further, your dog will receive a harmless, mild, static pulse... just enough to keep your pet safe within the boundary. Training flags help your dog recognise the parameters of his new home!

See the Invisible Fences available from VetStop below

ultrasmart iuc-4100
ultrasmart iuc 4100
ultrasmart iuc-5100
ultrasmart iuc 5100
basic containment sd-2000
basci containment sd 2000