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Scabies - Sacrcoptic Mange

Sarcoptes Mite

Sarcoptes spp

Scabies, caused by the mite Sarcoptes, is a skin parasite of concern in domestic animals as it can spread to humans. It can effect many animal species including dogs, cats, wombats, koalas, pigs and horses. Contact between a human and an infected animal can allow transmission of the mite which can then migrate through clothes. Itchy skin and a rash is often present in humans. In dogs intense itching leading to scratching and secondary skin trauma and infections often occurs. A common area is around the face, ears, elbow and hocks, but any area can become affected. Positive diagnosis is by skin scrapings, but even with multiple scrapes it is often hard to find the mite. If the clinical signs are highly suggestive, despite negative skin scrapings, trial therapy is often instigated. The onset of skin problems in pets and owners can be suggestive of it.

Treatment of Sarcoptic Mange (Scabies)

The most effective treatment in dogs at present seems to be Revolution and Advocate. Applied once/month to the skin of the back of the neck, Revolution will also control fleas and prevent heartworm. At least two treatments of Revolution are required for full Sarcoptes control. If you suspect you may have contracted Scabies from your pet,  a trip to the doctor may be required where topical miticides can be prescribed.