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Valuheart for Dogs

Active Ingredients: ivermectin

What is Valuheart ?

Valuheart is a plain tablet given each month for the prevention of heartworm in dogs. The active ingredient, ivermectin, is the same active ingredient used in Heartgard for heartworm prevention.

Valuheart is formulated in Australia by an Australian owned company. It is a most economical way of preventing heartworm. An inexpensive alternative to the foreign- owned brands.
Presented in a pack of six tablets, for a six-month supply, and in 3 different sizes:
-Small Dog (up to 10kg);
-Medium Dog (11-20kg);
-Large Dog (21-40kg).

Used for the prevention of:
  • Heartworm – spread by mosquitoes, so all dogs in such areas are at risk, will cause heart & lung disease and eventually death.
{Dogs must be tested for heartworm before commencing Valuheart if they have not been on heartworm prevention before}

You can purchase Valuheart for your dog here