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Dog Rocks for good grass

See Dog Rocks in the shop here Dog Rocks are an exciting and unique product used to prevent those nasty burn patches appearing on your lawn after you dog has peed. Simply place the contents of a single pack if Dog Rocks into 2 Litres of water. You will find your lawns starting to look greener and fresher and no new burn patches should appear, however it will not bring a dead patch on the lawn back to life.

Dog Rocks are an all Australian product which start improving your lawn within 5 weeks. Dog Rocks need to be replaced every 2 months to ensure your pets do the job of looking after your lush lawn.

About Dog Rocks

see dog rocks in the shop here Dog Rocks are made from naturally occurring paramagnetic igneous rock which when placed in water will filter out impurities a found on tap water. The basic principal is the rock changes the ion exchange in the water – this results in the nitrate level in the water dropping and not being ingested by the dog. Lower nitrates will cause the urine to stop burning the grass. It does not change the pH of the urine.

A small pack of Dog Rocks (200g) is good in one dog's water bowl for 2 months. A bulk pack of Dog Rocks (600g) is good for one dog's bowl for 6 months or multiple dogs’ bowls for 2 months. Dog Rocks need to be replaced every 2 months

Being a natural product coming straight from the ground, Dog Rocks may vary in size and properties. There are no know harmful effects on dogs, however if your dog has a reaction, stop use immediately.

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