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Ear Mites in Dogs and Cats

Otodectes cynotis

Otodectes cynotis

These live in the external ear canals of dogs & cats. Can become a difficult  problem to solve in multi-pet situations eg breeding establishments. The adult mites lives in the ear canal feeding off wax etc. They cause chronic itchiness in the ears of effected pets. They will generally cause the ear canals to form a black crusty material. Proper diagnosis is by otoscopic examination of the ears where the mites can often be seen moving around. Sometimes microscopic exam of the material in the ears may be required for diagnosis. 

Treatment of Ear Mites

There are several treatments for ear mites which your Vet may recommend. One often used is ilium ear drops which will kill the mites and is also useful in mild bacterial or fungal infections as well. Another treatments are Revolutionand Advocate which will also treat heartworm & intestinal worms in cats