Advance Adult Cat Light
Designed for cats that are inactive or are prone to put on weight. The fat levels have been reduced by 25%. The larger size kibble promotes good dental health.
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Advance Indoor Cat 3kg
A highly palatable complete and balanced diet designed for the Indoor cat lifestyle
Based on high quality Australian tuna
$ 30.95

Advance Adult Cat
A complete food for adult cats. Formulated to maintain an ideal bodyweight and composition in your cat. Ingeredients support natural defences and deliver healthy skin and coat. The fish variety has larger kibbles designed to promote dental health. Availalble in two flavours:

Advance Kitten Growth
Ideal for cats up 12 months of age. Also good for pregnant or lactating queens. Contains controlled levels and ratio of calcium and phosphorus for healthy bone and teeth development. Provides optimal nutrition for growth of kittens until around a year old
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Advance Mature Cat
Formualted to suit the nutritional needs of the older cat. High quality protein helps to support muscle mass and an increased level of the B-group vitamins and trace elements suit the needs of some older cats.