Advantix for X-Large Dog (25kg +)

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Advantix contains the two proven ingredients imidacloprid and permethrin.
On their own these aren't new products however together they proved a synergism which will:

- kill and repel paralysis ticks - when applied every 14 days
- kill and repel brown dog & bush ticks - over 96% of ticks are repelled after contact with a treated dog. 95% of these ticks then die after this brief exposure
- kill fleas - fleas will stop feeding within 5 minutes on treated dogs and both adults & larvae are dead in 20 minutes. Within 12 hrs of an application of Advantix 98-100% of fleas on the dog are dead
- reduce incidence of FAD (flea allergy dermatitis)
- repel and kill mosquitoes & sand flies
- control lice

As Advantix binds to the lipid (fat) layer of the skin, it remains effective following bathing, swimming or rain exposure.

Safety: Advantix can be used in puppies over 7 weeks of age. It can also be used during pregnancy and lactation. Advantix is not absorbed systemically. Permethrin cannot be found in the blood of dogs after treatment - it stays in the lipid layer of the skin.
There may be a slight tingling, itchiness or numbness around the area where the dose was applied. This is due to the permethrin and although it may be annoying it resolves within 24-48hrs without any long-term effects.

# Do Not use in Cats : Cats are unable to metabolise permethrin due to their unique physiology. In multi-pet households cats should be separated from dogs for 12 hours after application. If your cat actively grooms your dog, then alternative flea/tick treatments may be required