Aussie Dog Slapathong


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The Aussie Dog Slapathong is a safe alternative retrieval toy compared to sticks.
If a dog is running along with a stick in their mouth and the end digs into the ground, the other end can push down into their pharynx causing awful injuries. Even the act of catching a stock in mid air has high risk. You can avoid all this by using a toy which is designed to be caught or retrieved by dogs.

The Slapathong is made from durable fire hose material that does not harbor germs or bacteria.
It is 100% safe and non-toxic and will float in water. Available in 3 sizes to suit most dogs.

*For interactive play only - not a chew toy.

Size Dimensions & suggested dog size:
Small4 x 26 x 3cm; 1-10kg
Medium4 x 35 x 3cm; 5-10kg
Large7 x 35 x 3cm; 30-50kg