Aussie Dog Staffie Ball

$ 52.85

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Most toys are destroyed quite easily by Staffies. Many toys claiming to be for 'tough chewers' are treated with disdain by Staffies and are in pieces in no time.

Aussie Dog Toys recognised this and put together a seriusly tough ball suitable for Staffies. It is so tough, it is actually used in zoos for lions, tigers, bears cheetahs, leopards, pandas and other such beasts. There is some fairly serious teeth and jaws amongst that crowd so the Staffie fits in well !

The Staffie Ball is an extra thick and durable ball with internal rattle - it will not pop shatter or crack. A 12 month warranty is offered against dog chewing a hole in the ball.
It is 100% safe and made of non-toxic material.
The ball can actually be sanded smooth again if surface becomes rough through play.

The ball weighs 1.3kg and is 24cm in diameter. It can be left alone with your dog

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