Do away with the boring old dog bowl and make meal time fun for pets. Introducing the latest self motivating, treat dispensing toy from StarMark, the Bob-a-lot. The Bob-a-lot Mini is ideal for smaller pets and holds cups of dry food well, making it ideal for when pets are being served their meals. The large Bob-a-lot holds up to 3 cups of dry food. Choose from two dispensing points, with adjustable opening holes, to vary the challenge of accessing the food.

The Bob-a-lot is made of durable materials that are also non-toxic and dishwasher safe, making the toy more convenient to use. The weighted base allows the toy to wobble, tumble and roll as the pet plays with it. This encourages greater interaction from the pet while they try to release the food inside the Bob-a-lot.

Main Features
  • Dispenses food: tow openings let kibble or treas fall out of interactivity.
  • Durable toy: made from a durable, non-toxix, dishawasher safe polymer to handle a lot of rough and tumble play.
  • Adjustable: lets you control whether a little or a lot of food falls out at any time.
  • Weighted base so it topples and keeps movie to offer a lot of fun