Dental Spray Gel
Does your pet have bad breath? Are the gums red or even ulcerated? DSG contains a chlorhexidine in an acceptable flavoured base which is sprayed onto the gums of your pet. This will kill the bacteria in the mouth which cause gingivitis and halitosis (bad breath). Can be used daily to improve your pets oral health. If problems don't improve see your Vet as teeth and gum problems can become a serious health problem.
$ 14.45

Oral hygiene for your pet made easy.
Aquadent is a water additive for cats and dogs that freshens breath. Aquadent contains xylitol which inhibits bacterial growth and plaque adhesion. When used daily xylitol can reduce the accumulation of plaque

Dental Fresh
The simple water additive to gently whiten teeth and eliminate bad breath. Can be used in dogs and cats.