Car Back Seat Cover

$ 27.95

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You love your dog but you don't really want them to damage or dirty your car seats. Now you can protect your car's upholstery from dog hair, drool, dust, dirt and scratches while travelling with your pet with this hammock style cat seat cover for dogs.
The cover also offers an important safety feature - stop your dog from leaping from the back to the front seat at just the wrong moment which can cause accidents. The cover will create a barrier between the front and back seats.

Keep your dog safe in the back seat by preventing slipping and sliding. The car seat cover is ideal for larger dogs, and adjusts to fit most vehicles including cars, extended cab trucks, mini-vans and SUVs. For easy cleaning of hair, dirt and dander, you merely have to shake out or brush off the Back Seat Hammock Cover.

It is quick and easy to attach the hammock car seat cover. Its buckles are designed to attach to your headrest or seat belt fasteners. It is as simple as 1-2-3: set the cover on the seat, attach the buckle enclosure around the headrest, and tuck in the sides.

  • Adjusts to fit most vehicles
  • PVC Waterproof material, non-slip backing and adjustable straps provide a secure fit
  • Velcro slits for seat belts that allows you to attach your dog's harness for extra security and safety
  • Covers the entire back seat - that means no more dirty or damaged seats, no more stubborn dog hair or doggy smells, just a large comfy area for your dog to lie in
  • Machine washable
  • Black in colour, one standard size: 150cm x 140cm

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