Oakwood Pet Odour Eliminator Spray 200ml
A scented cologne to eliminate offensive odours on pets, pet beds, kennels, lounges and carpets.This unique product emits a clean and mild fragrance that freshens and eliminates stubborn odours on your pet and household items.
$ 9.65

Fido's Spritzer 125ml
A cologne coat conditioner and deodorant spray for dogs, cats and other domestic pets. Leaves your pet smelling great - can be used on dry or wet coats. Provides a finishing touch after hydrobathing and is suitable for use with long term flea control products. (e.g. Frontline, Advantix). Available in 3 options - the fragrance matches that of the related Fido's Shampoo
$ 8.75

SQUIRT Leave-In Detangler 250ml
Leave-in detangler spray for all dogs. Prevents matting and tangling in even the most hard to handle long haired coats. Reverses the electrostatic charge after shampooing to reduce flyaway hair.
$ 8.95

Fido's Fresh Coat Spray
A combination of lanolin and silicone which will bring back the natural sheen and lustre of your dogs coat. As it is greaseless and absorbed quickly, it will assist in tangle free brushing and leaves the coat smelling fresh for hours - an effective deodorant.

Lustre-Aid not only smells great, but it also conditions and deodorises the animals coat. It contains absorbable Lanolin which imparts a lustre and glossiness to the coat. It also assists to maintain the coat in a tangle free condition

PAW Rose Aroma Mist 125ml
This Conditioning Aroma Mist with the essences of chamomile and rosewater will keep your dog smelling naturally fresh whilst richly nourishing ingredients create a more lustrous and manageable coat.
Simply spray lightly onto your dog’s coat daily or as needed and brush through the coat.
$ 13.75