Deli Stix Treats – Herbivore Harvest (9 x 80g)

$ 34.90

Deli Stix by Herbivore Harvest is a healthy functional treat for small animals. High in vitamin C to combat scurvy in guinea pigs, chock full of fibre, naturally healthy vegetables like carrots, pumpkin and tomato.

For Rabbits, Guniea Pigs & Rodents.

Deli Stix are a treat unlike any other, made with whole natural food, combined with veterinary formulated pellets and enriched with vitamins & minerals. This treat knocks boredom out of the park and has your furry friends doing a jig over the built-in nutrition to boot.

What makes Deli Stix unique?
  • Made with fresh, Australian ingredients AND nutrient enriched pellets
  • Encourages natural foraging behaviour and adds variety to the diet
  • Developed and recommended by exotic animal veterinarians

Key Features: Quality and variety are two of the most important ingredients in a healthy diet for your small herbivore. Vetafarm Herbivore Deli-Stix provide for these crucial needs by supplying a variety of high quality natural ingredients and a sprinkling of veterinary formulated pellets.

Ingredients: Cavy Origins Pellets, Small animal vitamin pellets - containing Fescue, lucerne, oat fibre, stabilised vitamin C, and whole grains. Vitmains & Minerals; Seasonal vegetables may include carrot, tomato and pumpkin.

Presented in a box of 9 x 80g bars