When endurance horses sweat, they lose significant amounts of essential electrolytes, and during long rides, calcium and magnesium. When these essential nutrients are lost, acute deficiencies may occur and result in such conditions as thumps and tying-up.

ENDURA-MAX contains sodium and chloride to help maintain normal electrolyte balance in body tissues and aid recovery. Potassium, magnesium and calcium are also included in balance to assist in maintaining cellular integrity and healthy nerve, muscle and cardiac function. ENDURA-MAX is essential in supporting elite equine athletes.

  • Daily electrolyte and salt replacer
  • To assist in the rehydration of hardworking horses
  • As a supplement prior to, during and after endurance rides

Directions for use:
ENDURA-MAX should be fed to endurance horses during competitive rides, hard training and recovery.
Adjust the amount fed depending on the level of exercise and environmental conditions such as humidity. The following recommendations are for a horse with a mature body weight of 450kg and should be adjusted accordingly.
ENDURA-MAX should be mixed well with feed or administered orally by syringe. Make a paste of 30-60g. ENDURA-MAX is also available in a convenient paste form as ENDURA-MAX PLUS Buffered Oral Electrolyte Paste for use during rides

Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Magnesium, Calcium