ENDURA-MAX is an essential everyday electrolyte, salt, calcium and magnesium supplement specifically designed to support the unique nutritional requirements of endurance horses.

Restore is designed to replenish electrolytes in any situation where horses might sweat, particularly after training, travel, racing, during hot weather or competition
$ 31.65

Electro Paste 60ml
Provide a concentrated source of B-group vitamins,anti-oxidants & electrolytes to replace stores lost by exercise or transport. Formulated for working performance horses that require quick replacement of such nutrients for quick recovery or endurance exercise. Contains: B-groups vitamins( B1, B2, B6, B12, Naicin, Folica Acid), salts (sodium, potassium, chloride, magnesium & calcium), antioxidants (Vit E, selenium). Give orally as a paste.
$ 17.75

An equine 'sports drink' that restores blood electrolyte and fluid levels following exercise, travelling and sweat loss. Formulated to overcome fatigue & dehydration after sweating. It replaces the essential electrolytes salts and glucose which can improve uptake of fluids. Given orally by syringe or diluted in drinking water. Contains: sodium, potassium, chloride, magnesium, phosphate & glucose. Presented in 1 & 5 litre containers