Science Diet Cat Light


Hill's Science Diet Adult Light cat food provides precisely balanced nutrition to help cats achieve their ideal weight.
It has fewer calories than other feline diets and contains L-carnitine which can help your cat burn fat for energy. It also has a high fibre content to keep their hunger satisfied between meals. And it still has a great taste too.

  • Healthy immune function Vitamin C + E - contains ideal levels of these clinically proven antioxidants
  • Promotes lean muscle and an ideal body weight by using L-Carnitine which can help convert fat into energy and helps maintain lean muscle mass
  • Helps maintain healthy weight by having reduced calories but still has appropriate energy levels for a healthy weight and activity
  • Helps control hunger between meals by using a natural fibre to help provide satiety between meals
  • Great taste - by using high quality ingredients it still has a taste your cat is guaranteed to love despite being low in calories

Recommended for Adult cats 1 to 6 years of age that require fewer calories or maybe prone to gain weight; Not recommended for kittens, adult cats not prone to gaining excess weight, pregnant or nursing cats