Feramo - D is a recommended to supplement the racing dog’s diet as an aid in the prevention and treatment of vitamin/mineral deficiencies. When added to the dog’s diet each day, Feramo - D will provide essential nutritional factors beneficial in the prevention and treatment of vitamin and mineral deficiencies and supplement the diets of breeding stock and growing pups.

Recommended for:
  • Use in all stages of a greyhounds life
  • Dogs in work
  • Brood bitches and stud dogs
  • Growing pups
  • General health and vitality

  • Feramo - D is best sprinkled on, or mixed with, the evening meal. If cooked wait till meal cools
  • When introducing a dog to Feramo - D, proceed gradually by placing 1 gram on the feed dish under the food. Gradually increase the dose to full strength over the following week