Starmark Tetraflex
Turn mealtime into playtime by replacing your dog's food bowl with a Treat Dispensing Tetraflex.
Load up the holow inside with biscuits or treats or fill the large external dimples with moist food or spread and watch your dog enjoy the feeding process.

Aussie Dog - Home Alone Toy
The Home Alone consists of a sturdy rubber ball with a rattle and a thong, mounted on a strong rope with a detachable elastic extension and straining rope.
It keeps your dog busy by dispensing a small amount of food every time your dog pulls on the grip hanging below the ball. When they go to eat the food the assembly springs back above their head. This activity can help to prevent separation anxiety barking, digging, plant destroying etc behaviour in your dog while you are out.

Aussie Dog Tucker Ball
A toy that dispenses food suddenly becomes more interesting to most dogs. The Aussie Dog Tucker Ball will dispense food items at random as it rotates - keeps your dog focused for ages.

The Bob-a-lot is a durable treat dispensing toy with a weighted base. Dry food can be used inside so meal time can become fun for pets. Available in 2 sizes and made of no-toxic, dishwasher safe material.

Tasty Treat Teaser

Easy to load and easy to clean. The Tux™ can be stuffed with dry biscuits for easy treat releasing fun or with sticky favourites like Peanut Butter for a more difficult challenge. Once pets have lapped up the treats tucked inside the Tux™, the toy can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher
$ 29.45

Dog Snack Launcher
The Dog Snack Launcher offers new way to treat your dog, fill the treat launcher with round kibble pull the trigger to shoot a single treat. Train and workout with your dog, watch them run and search for their treat.
$ 15.95