Frontline PLUS for Medium Dogs

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Frontline Plus has a good track record of providing long control of the adult fleas which may get on your pet. It binds to the oil in the skin to provide a month of flea control

Active Ingredients: fiprinol & (s)-methoprene

Fiprinol is very affective at killing the adult stage flea while,
Methoprene kills the flea stage prior to the adult stage.

As each adult female flea is capable of laying up to 40 eggs each day it makes sense to focus on these earlier stages of the flea as well, rather than waiting for the adults to develop, then trying to control those. In fact the adult fleas generally only make up ~5% of the total flea population in an environment.

Frontline PLUS is applied monthly to your dog or cat. It safe to be applied to puppies and kittens from 8 weeks of age and may be applied to pregnant or nursing pets as well. Frontline PLUS has the same water fast nature as normal Frontline, meaning you dog (or cat !) can swim with confidence know their flea control is not being washed away.

It can also be used for tick control: should be applied every 2 weeks for aiding paralysis tick control and every month to control the brown dog tick