Gentle Leader Head Collar


The Gentle Leader Head Collar is often referred to as 'The 10 minute attitude adjuster'. This is an effective way to train your dog to walk without them pulling or jumping up. The light pressure exerted to the muzzle and back of neck is similar to the action of a mother on her puppies and sends a signal to the dog that you are in control. Your dog can still drink, eat, pant and bark with the halter in place

The following table will help you decide which size Gentle Leader which suit your dog

SizeSuggested Breeds
Small (5-10kg)Toy Breeds, Shelties, Jack Russells, Fox Terriers, Beagles etc.
Medium (10-27kg)Spaniels, Dalmatians, Pointers, Kelpies, Blue Healers etc.
Large (30-45kg)Labradors, German Shepherds, Huskies, Retrievers, Rotties etc.
X-Large (45kg +)Larger Rotties, Mastiffs, Danes etc.

The Gentle Leader is adjustable within the above sizes to suit any variances your dog may have.

Comes with an instructional DVD to help use the Gentle Leader correctly