Golp Jerky Chews 150g

$ 8.75

Golp are Delicious jerky chews – a great daily treat for dogs.

Contain no artificial colours or flavours and are grain and gluten free. Made from real Australian meats.

Three irresistible flavours (Beef, Duck, Kangaroo).
Each flavour has different health benefits:
  • Beef & Liver – Happy Tummies: Beef and liver real meat protein with pre-biotic for inner health and happy tummies.
  • Duck – Skin & Coat: real duck meat protein with a boost of omega-3 (from chia seeds) and coconut for skin and coat.
  • Kangaroo – Joint Booster: real kangaroo meat protein with a joint booster to help maintain healthy joints.

Strong durable packaging - looks like a packet of Pringles :) - and does not need to be refrigerated