Greenies Canine

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GREENIES are the number 1 vet-recommended dental chew for dogs. They have been clinically proven to provide a total oral health solution.

GREENIES have been clinically proven to clean dogs’ teeth by fighting both plaque and tartar build-up, freshening breath, and maintaining healthier teeth and gums. Studies have shown 3 out of 4 dogs show signs of oral health issues by the age of 3 so a complete oral care solution is important. Good oral health can add to a pet’s lifespan.

Why use Greenies in my dog ?

  • Texture - they have a chewy flexible texture which allows teeth to sink in with every bite all the way to the gums providing an effective mechanical cleaning action. Daily use will use your dog’s natural chewing action to wipe away plaque build-up from the surface of the teeth
  • Digestibility - the highly soluble ingredients in GREENIES allow the product to break down quickly for easy digestion. In fact they are even more digestible than premium dry dog food.
  • Taste - Dogs seem to love the taste of GREENIES. They have been shown to continue to be highly palatable and great tasting in various canine taste tests
  • Size to suit all dogs - Dogs come in many shapes and sizes so GREENIES have been designed in five unique sizes that offer the best texture and hardness for dogs with a variety of bite force capabilities so they are suitable for all dogs of all sizes

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