DigestaVite Plus 100g
DigestaVite Plus has been scientifically developed in conjunction with research and formulation experts in the Australian Naturopathic industry. It contains 34 essential vitamins, minerals & amino acids.
$ 30.70

High Potency Vitamin C 100g
High Potency Vitamin C is a complex formulation of buffered vitamin C with citrus bioflavanoids including rutin, hesperidin, quercetin, alpha lipoic acid & resveratrol all of which improve vitamin C absorption
$ 27.30

Spark for All Animals
Sustained release energy supplement and electrolytes. Suitable for all animals. Use in your pet’s drinking water to rehydrate, replenish and assist in recovery

Organic Seaweed 300g
Organic Seaweed from King Island Tasmania is a rich natural source of iodine, making it an excellent supplement to support and maintain a strong endocrine system, especially the thyroid
$ 12.55

A concentrated formula containing the essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements required to maximise growth, performance, breeding activity and good health. It is a foundation supplement to which other specific supplements can be added according to your dogs needs. Available in 3 sizes:

Vets All Natural Health Chews - Multivitamin 270g
This tasty nutritional supplement supports health, longevity, vitality and the immune system of dogs. Ideal for growing puppies and older dogs, pregnant or lactating bitches and dogs recovering from illness or injury
$ 20.35

Omega 3, 6 & 9 Oils for Dogs and Horses
This formulation can nutritionally enhance your dog’s or horse’s health, skin and coat for a brilliant shine. Available in several sizes and with a clean and easy- to-use dispensing pump