Hexarinse Oral Rinse

$ 21.80

Hexarinse Oral Rinse is used as an aid in the prevention of tartar, plaque and periodontal disease in dogs, cats and horses.
Hexarinse can be used to reduce gingivitis and resolve oral inflammation. It may also be used to prevent secondary bacterial infections following oral surgery. After dental scaling, Hexarinse should be used to rinse the mouth and irrigate periodontal pockets to will kill residual bacteria and promote the resolution of inflammation.

It is a palatable, alcohol free liquid which is presented in a ready to use formulation.
The synergistic combination of the 3 active ingredients (chlorhexidine, zinc gluconate, cetylpyridinium) make it affective against all oral pathogens in dogs, cats and horses.

Precautions: Reversible tooth staining has been reported with prolonged use of chlorhexidine.