Homeopet Storm Stress

$ 28.95

Are the summer storms scaring your dog or cat?

Or is it the celebratory fireworks that is causing fear?

Such fear and stress is a common problem seen in pets and seeing our pets in such a state is distressing for us as well. Most of us don't know how to manage this fear or how to provide comfort to a cat or dog when they are scared of thunder.

A very useful and safe solution is Homeopet Storm Stress. HomeoPet Storm Stress has been formulated by veterinarians and uses 100% natural, plant-based ingredients. Worldwide clinical trials have indicated it promotes a sense of calm and relieves stress in a cat or dog scared of thunder and storms. In Australia, the leading behavioural Veterinarians Dr. Seskel, Dr. Ley, Dr. Blackman and Charles Sturt University conducted major triple blinded trials that show significant results in reducing dog storm phobia.

HomeoPet Storm Stress is presented in a liquid solution that is fast acting, usually within minutes or hours without any side effects.

Such behaviours in your pet such as shaking, panting, pacing, drooling, fear, hiding, and destructive behaviour can be helped with Storm Stress. The above signs are common physical and psychological symptoms associated with a cat or dog scared of thunder or storms, often referred to as ‘dog storm phobia’ or ‘dog noise phobia’ or ‘dog storm anxiety’. The same applies to our feline pets.

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