Indorex Spray 500ml

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Ingredients: Pyriproxyfen 50mg/L, Permethrin 5g/L, Piperonyl butoxide 10g/L

Indorex Spray breaks the flea life cycle for up to twelve months.

As 95% of a flea’s life is spent off the pet and in the environment (ie. your home or kennels) this is an important area to treat.
Immature fleas can survive for up to 6 months in the environment depending on humidity and temperature. INDOREX spray contains an insect growth regulator, which stops the hatching of flea eggs in the environment for up to 12 months, effectively breaking the flea life-cycle.

INDOREX spray contains permethrin, which kills adult fleas in your home and kennels, as well as other areas where fleas may be a concern (eg. Bedding). The spray kills adult fleas for up to 3 weeks.

The flea’s life cycle begins as an egg, which a feeding adult female flea lays on the pet. An adult female flea can produce over 2,000 eggs in her lifetime. The eggs easily roll onto the ground, from the pet, usually in popular resting or sleeping areas, like the pets bedding or your couch and can take anywhere between two days and two weeks to hatch.
Flea larvae emerge from the eggs and feed on organic matter found in the environment including dead insects, skin cells and faeces. Flea larvae are rarely seen by pet owners, as they prefer dark places like carpets, cracks in the floor boards and bedding.
Larvae will pupate, following three larval moult stages. As pupae, fleas can survive for long periods, including over the winter months, until they receive signals such as, heat, vibrations and carbon dioxide from the environment that indicate a host is near.
As an adult, the flea has about one week to find a host and begin feeding, however they can survive anywhere up to a year between blood meals. The adult flea requires a blood meal to reproduce and begin laying eggs.

Indorex: an insecticidal spray intended to treat the environment of dogs and cats. Able to protect the sprayed areas for up to 12 months against the emergence of fleas from eggs and larvae still present in the environment at the time of treatment.
  • INDOREX spray will protect for up to 3 weeks against adult fleas, which might invade the premises from the outside, transported on your animal
  • INDOREX contains permethrin, which is toxic to cats. Keep cats separated from recently treated areas of the home for at least 48 hours. Seek veterinary advice if you suspect toxicity in a cat.