Snuggle Safe Microwave Heat Pad
Let your dog or cat have a warm bed throughout the cooler Winter nights. Heat the Snuggle Safe in the microwave and it will provide 10 hrs of warmth in you pet's bed. The Thermapol interior will maintain a warm temperature without burning your pet. It is non-toxic and never needs to be refilled. Great for old or arthritic pets
$ 51.95

Snooza Orthobed
Perfect for older pets who have trouble getting in & out of kennels or baskets. The low profile convoluted (egg carton shaped) foam provides the ultimate comfort for post surgery, older pets or those with hip ailments.
Size: (L x W x H) 

Memory Foam Pet Mat
Containing memory foam, this super-soft and ultra-cushioned mat helps your dog or cat stay dry, sleep and relax.
$ 22.90

Snooza Multi Mat
Simple but stylish! 120mm wadding encassed in reversible polar fleece in our favourite 'lab' colours. The Multi Mat is exactly that, a fantastic go anywhere multi-purpose mat.
Size: (L x W) 

Snooza Traveller
A clever idea – a comfortable mat for your dog with handles that can be sandwiched in half so that if can be carried around easily. It also has a deep pocket to hold all the stuff you need to cart around with your pet

Cosy Heat Pad
The Cosy Heat Pad is designed to provide warmth for sick, young or debilitated animals and birds. The pad works by gradually heating up the area under where the animal sits. It measures 26cm x 36cm and uses 240v at 10 watts
$ 71.25