OsteoForte (60 capsules)

$ 37.50

Natural Animal Solutions OsteoForte is different to other animal joint formulas currently on the market. Most current formulas as based on Glucosamine and provide differing levels of efficacy depending on the quality of ingredients used.

OsteoForte contains an internationally patented herbal formula, based upon Ayurvedic herbs. This is a completely unique formulation contains the key ingredients to promote cartilage and joint health. It is a safe and easy to use nutraceutical, free from corticosteroids and NSAIDs.

Most importantly, it is very fast acting when compared to current joint formulas - Results can be seen within 4-14 days!

Ingredients: Hermidesmus indicus (root), Moringa pterygosperma (root bark), Tinospora sinensis (leaf) , Boerhavia (whole plant