Nexgard for Dogs 4.1-10kg

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For dogs 4.1 – 10kg

NEXGARD is based on the new molecule – Afoxolaner.
It is rapidly absorbed into the blood stream and provide predictable plasma levels so that there is adequate levels to control fleas and ticks for a full month.

Benefits of NEXGARD
  • A beef flavoured soft chew that’s are happy to accept
  • Rapidly kills fleas
  • Kills ticks including Ixodes holocyclus - the paralysis tick
  • Provides month long protection against fleas & ticks
  • Can be given with or without food
  • Suitable for all breeds of dog (including Collies), can be given to puppies over 8 weeks and over 2kg
  • Not affected by bathing or swimming
  • No need to separate from other pets in the household
  • Not for lactating or pregnant dogs

NEXGARD and flea control

Nexgard controls fleas within 6-8 hours of administration. This ability to kill feeding adult fleas then continues on for a full month. Trials to prove the efficacy of Nexgard were performed in QLD and NSW households in ‘real world’ conditions so the results are relevant.

NEXGARD and tick control

There are many species of ticks in Australia that can cause harm to our pet dogs. The most difficult to control has been the Paralysis tick (Ixodes holocyclus). Many pet owners weren’t aware of how to provide paralysis tick prevention to their dog hence the thousands of dogs that visit veterinary hospitals each years with tick paralysis. This is a potentially deadly condition and very expensive to treat. Ticks finding their way onto dogs taking monthly Nexgard will generally (>98.5%) die within 24-48hrs - well before they are able to do any harm.

Nexgard is presented as a highly palatable chew based on soy protein and braised beef flavouring that can be given with or without food. The incidence of vomiting was about 4% which is about 1/3 that of another commonly used once-a-month oral flea preventative.