Oakwood Pet Odour Eliminator Spray 200ml

$ 9.65

Oakwood Pet Odour Eliminator Cologne is a scented cologne that helps to eliminate offensive odours on pets, pet beds, kennels, lounges and carpets.
This unique product emits a clean and mild fragrance that freshens and eliminates stubborn odours on your pet and household items.

Ideal to eliminate your pet’s everyday offensive odours.

For long term coat care maintenance, it’s important to regularly condition your pet’s coat. This will ensure the coat is nourished to help prevent a dry damaged coat and assist in providing a tangle-free, shiny finish.

Benefits of Regular Coat Conditioning:
  • Nourish and condition the coat after shampooing.
  • Remove stubborn nots and matted tangles within the coat.
  • Provide a professional shiny and silky finish.