Otoflush 125ml

$ 23.75

Otoflush is a new ear cleaner for use in dogs which has been designed to help treat infections of the outer and middle ear. It can also be used as a maintenance agent once a week, to help keep bacterial and yeast under control in the ear, and flush out any debris.

It is a neutral buffered solution, so it is non-sting. It is also safe to use when your dog has a ruptured ear drum, which can occur with chronic infections.

Otoflush cleans the ear canal of wax and exudates in dogs, thereby improving the penetration of prescribed ear medications. It has also been shown to reduce bacterial and yeast numbers in the ear canal and increase bacterial susceptibility to commonly used antibiotics.

Active ingredient: Disodium edetate (also known as Tris EDTA) and poly(hexamethylene) biguanidine hydrochloride (also known as PHMB)

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