PAW Coat, Skin & Nails 300g

$ 24.70

Healthy skin, a shiny coat and strong nails all look good in a dog and they start with good nutrition. By ensuring optimal levels of many vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and protein in your dog's daily intake we can improve the health of skin, coat & nails

When to use ?
For all dogs to maintain a healthy skin, coat & nails. Especially useful in breeds pre disposed to skin issues and dogs deficient in these key nutrients.

  • A highly palatable, low fat 5g kangaroo chew
  • Silica and Zinc for healthy skin, hair and nails
  • High level of Biotin for a healthy coat and nails
  • Chia seeds (omega-3) and flax seed (omega-6) fatty acids for a shiny coat
  • Vitamins and minerals to maintain everyday health
  • Great nutraceutical compliment to PAW’S topical and oil supplement range