Paw Manuka Wound Gel


Honey has been used for centuries to manage wounds. Much research has been done into a specific type of honey, Manuka Honey which comes from bees feeding on the Leptospermum plant. Manuka honey is now being integrated into modern veterinary medicine from wound management with good results.

Paw Manuka Wound Gel is a medical grade honey made from 80% Leptospermum honey. It is ideal for use in non-healing and chronic wounds, malodourous and sloughy wounds, and for burns and general first aid.

Benefits of Manuka Wound Gel:
  • Protects the wound
  • Helps maintain a natural wound pH
  • Remove bad odour
  • Reduces contamination and external bacteria colonisation which leads to infection.
  • May help with removal of dead tissues on the wound
  • Natural & non-toxic for animals
  • Contains a special blend of natural waxes and oils to reduce the stinging associated with pure honey.
  • Is a non-adherent gel to reduce trauma and discomfort during dressing changes

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