Bark Naturals Digesti-Boost 100g
Formulated with both a prebiotic & probiotic to promote important processes in your pet's gut. Importantly, Digesti-Boost remains stable until in the bowel or colon, when it becomes fully active.
$ 23.95

Superfood IMMUNE 100g
Superfood Immune has been formulated with know immune supporting ingredients for use in cats and dogs. All ingredients organic and promote overall health.
$ 27.50

Protexin Powder
Protexin powder contains 60 million bacteria/ml. It can be added directly to an animals food.

Synbiotic 180-S 150g
Synbiotic 180-S is a 9-strain probiotic blend with a natural prebiotic (chicory root extract) and a blend of 7 digestive enzymes. It is ideal during stress, illness or after antibiotic use and can be used daily to boost the immune and digestive system of your pet
$ 14.95

Protexin Liquid
Protexin Liquid is an oil based formula with 180 million bacteria/ml. It can be given directly into the mouth, added to food or mixed with milk or milk replacer in young animals.

PAW Digesticare 60 (150g)
A multi-strain probiotic with wholefood powder for dogs, cats and other companion animals. Aids in the establishment of gastrointestinal micro flora of physiologically immature animals (puppies & kittens) and in the re-establishment of gut flora following period of intestinal dysfunction or antibiotics. Also contains fermented spirulina, quinoa & alfalfa
$ 38.40

Protexin Soluble
Protexin Soluble as a water soluble formula which contains 180 million bacteria/ml. It is simply dissolved in an animals water supply or can be added to milk for younger animals.