Vets All Natural Complete Mix - Puppy
A veterinary formulated muesli to mix with fresh meat.
Complete Mix for Puppies: If your puppy is less than one year old, they will thrive on this formula.
Puppies need more protein and more base nutrients and vitamins to sustain their rapid growth rate. To achieve this the Puppy formula includes more yeast, calcium, kelp, barley grass, lecithin and vitamin C

Natural Choice Large Breed Puppy
Formulated for Puppies that Grow to 25kg or More

Formulated for large & giant breed puppies this food has a Controlled-Growth Formula to promote a healthy growth rate to avoid joint problems which can occur from rapid growth
$ 103.55

Natural Choice Puppy
Formulated for Puppies with the right amount of protein, fat and carbohydrate, this food will provide all the nutrients a healthy growing puppy will need

Iams Puppy - Large Breed
For large breed puppies (25 to 40 kg. at maturity) 1 to 12 months; giant breed puppies (over 40 kg at maturity) 1 to 24 months. Not recommended for pregnant or nursing dogs

Iams Puppy
For small and medium breed puppies (adult weight less than 25kg) from weaning to 12 months of age. Also recommended for lactating and pregnant bitches
$ 23.70