Resisoothe 200ml

$ 16.75

ResiSOOTHE – A leave-on lotion providing ingredients to condition and clean the skin and coat with the soothing effect of colloidal oatmeal

The convenient Leave-On technology, improves compliance and contact time of the active ingredients.
Soothes, conditions and cleans the skin and coat with 5% colloidal oatmeal.

Washing and conditioning can be hard work. ResiSOOTHE provides a treatment option, which can reduce the frequency of shampooing. It is quick and easy to apply because you massage it into the animal’s wet coat with no rinsing off.
Can be used on wet or dry skin locally or over the whole body. Can also be used as a lotion between baths and/or as a light conditioner that can be rinsed off if preferred. The formulation leaves the coat soft, lustrous and more manageable
Has a pleasant apple scent so ideal for inside pets which require a pleasant fragrance.

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