Revolution Brown

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Active ingredient: Selemectin

For dogs: 5 - 10kg

Revolution for Dogs provides systemic treatment against a broad range of internal and external parasites in a once-a month topical application

Can be used for:
  • Fleas - killed for one month following administration of Revolution according to the dosing schedule; flea eggs exposed to Revolution will also not hatch and flea larvae in your pet’s environment will not develop further to adults.
  • Heartworm – will prevent the deadly heart infection caused by Dirofilaria immitus
  • Sarcoptic mange (Scabies) – will treat and control sarcoptic mange caused by Sarcoptes scabiei
  • Ear Mites – will treat and control the ear mite (Otodectes cyanotis)

Main features:
  • Broad-spectrum protection against internal and external parasites
  • Reduces the signs of flea allergic dermatitis without the need for supplementary environmental flea control measures
  • Convenient, easy to apply monthly application in a non-greasy, quick-drying preparation
  • Waterfast only 2 hours after application
  • Available in 5 convenient dosage sizes for dogs in non-drip disposable tubes
  • Excellent safety profile: tolerate in all breeds of dog, can be used in puppies from 6 weeks of age, may be used in pregnant and lactating bitches, no adverse effects in heartworm positive dogs, active ingredient is not considered a pesticide or poison