Sasha's Blend

$ 56.20

Sashas Blend is a potent combination of marine concentrates with high natural anti inflammatory and joint protective properties.
Based on scientific results Sashas Blend is the ideal choice for long-term joint support at both the earliest stages as well as advanced Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD).

Ongoing research has demonstrated that Sashas Blend:
  • significantly inhibits PGE2 production (helps stop the production of the enzyme in the body responsible for pain)
  • Increases cartilage cell viability and decreases the loss of GAG's from the cartilage matrix (keeps cartilage in the joints healthy)
  • significantly inhibits Nitric Oxide production (helps stop the production of the enzyme in the body responsible for pain
Nitric Oxide is the partner of PGE2 in producing the sensation of pain.
In some circumstances it can cause the animal to feel pain even in the absence of PGE2. It also behaves as a 'free radical' causing damaging oxidation of cell membranes within the joint.

Sashas Blend covers the key areas to be an effective joint health treatment:
  • Deals with pain and inflammation
  • Promotes improved digestive function
  • Stimulates healthy joint function
  • Stimulates healthy joint fluid production to enable optimum uptake of nutrients, dealing with pain and inflammation
Controlling pain and inflammation allows the animal to participate in daily activities and of course makes life more comfortable in general.

Sashas Blend is the first natural joint health product developed in Australia to achieve veterinary medicine registration (with the APVMA) as Vet only. This means safety and assurance that Sashas Blend is the product for your pet's health.

Presented in 2 forms:
  • The original tub of powder which can be sprinkled onto food
  • Capsules which can be given orally or opened and sprinkled onto food - One Jar (200 caps) will last a 20kg dog ~ 33 days

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