Scalibor Tick Collar

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Active constituent: Deltamethrin 40g/kg

SCALIBOR contains deltamethrin, a second generation synthetic pyrethroid with proven acaricidal action against various tick species. Slow release of the active ingredient directly to the skin of the dog for a sustained period controls paralysis ticks (Ixodes holocyclus) for up to 14 weeks and brown dog ticks (Rhipicephalus sanguineus) for up to 26 weeks.
This provides Australian dog owners with a convenient, long term treatment option for the control of paralysis tick.

Using the collar
  • As it is a slow release collar it is best to apply the collar 2-3 weeks before likely exposure to ticks.
  • Avoid cutting a dog’s hair for a few days before applying the collar
  • The effect of swimming, bathing or shampooing on efficacy has not been established. The collar should be removed before swimming, bathing or shampooing the dog because the active substance is harmful to fish and other aquatic organisms.
  • Sometimes after prolonged storage the collar has a powdery appearance, which is due to release of a limited amount of DTM-TPP complex during transit and/or storage. This powder can be removed with a damp cloth prior to fitting the collar
  • Buckle the collar comfortably around the neck of the dog so two or three fingers can be inserted easily between the collar and the dog’s neck (this step is important because the continued release of deltamethrin from Scalibor depends on adequate contact between the surface of the collar and the skin of the neck region of the dog).
  • The collar, if buckled too tightly, can cause irritation. Trim off any excess length of collar 5cm from the buckle and dispose as instructed on the product leaflet.

  • DO NOT use on puppies less than 8 weeks
  • DO NOT use on dogs with skin lesions
  • DO NOT use on cats
  • DO NOT use on dogs known to be sensitive to pyrethroids
  • DO NOT use with other ectoparasitiicides containing organophosphates
  • DO NOT use with Advantix

Presented in a pack containing 1 collar (65cm in length)

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