Starmark Tetraflex


Turn mealtime into playtime by replacing your dog's food bowl with a Treat Dispensing Tetraflex

This boredom buster is ideal for holding any of your pet's favourite bisuits or treats within its hollow centre. The collection of deep dimples on the outside of the ball also work as fun pockets to hold a bit of your pet's most loved spread, cheese or wet food.
With its unique, dog tested, material, the Tetraflex withstands tough chewers whilst staying gentle on teeth and gums.

With a bright yellow colour that is impossible to miss, the Tetraflex is sure to be a backyard favourite for your pet.
Available in three sizes so there is a Tetraflex treat dispenser to suit your dog:
  • Small - 71mm diameter
  • Medium - 100mm diameter
  • Large - 130mm diameter