Urine Off Small Animal 500ml

$ 21.75

Urine Off is the number one 1 stain and odour eliminator - It removes stains and odours left behind by pet urine, faeces, vomit, hairballs, bile and more.

The specific Small Animal Urine Off formulation contains pheromone blockers that work to remove the triggers in the urine stain that cause repeat spraying. This formula can effectively remove urine, and most household stains, whether they are fresh or old. Urine Off can be used almost anywhere around the home, or in your pets cage but it is recommended that you test the spray on a discrete spot to insure the surface is not damaged.

Household cleaning products may contains perfumes and fragrances to mask the smell of little pet accidents, but they often return once that area becomes damp again. To simply scrubbing the stain with soap and water generally results in spreading the urine across a larger area.
Urine Off Small Animal has been developed to not only lift the visible stain but to break down all elements of the urine to eliminate all odours. With correct use, the stain is gone for good.

Features and Benefits
  • Bio-enzymatic formula breaks down the uric acid crystals, eliminating urine stains and odours
  • Ideal for environments that house rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, rats, mice etc
  • Contains pheromone blockers to stop repeat urine marking
  • Works on dried old stains as well as fresh deposits
  • Vet strength to ensure an efficient and effective clean every time
  • No harmful chemicals, harsh additives or colourants
  • Safe around both pets and humans

Presented in a 500ml spray bottle with a trigger spray, to conveniently distribute Urine Off evenly to the stained area