Urine-Off for Cats


There are many urine odour control products available but not many do it the way Urine-Off does.
Most used masking agents and detergents. Some use enzymes or alcohol. There are also some that contain chemicals to coat the urine compounds to "seal in" the offensive odours. These approaches only provide a temporary solution and are generally not useful for old urine smell or stains.

Pet urine contain a few main compounds:
  • Urea - a sticky substance
  • Urochrome - give the yellow colour to urine
  • Uric Acid - non-soluble, acidic salt crystal which are rich in nitrogen, hence the urine odour.
The urea and urochrome are easy to remove with most urine cleaners. The uric acid crystals however don't dissolve easily and bind tightly to the fabric holding them. These crystals cause the continuous urine smell which is worse when there is moisture.

Urine-Off is different to other urine cleaners as it has unique enzymes that "eat" the uric acid crystals as well as removing the other components of urine. This effectively removes the urine odour and stain. All that is left behind is a mild citrus fragrance which fades as the area dries.

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