Urine-Off for Dogs


How does Urine Off work ?

To gain a better understanding of what Urine Off does, you have to understand a little bit about urine.

Urine has 3 main components:
  1. Urea - a slightly sticky substance
  2. Urochrome - gives urine its yellow colour
  3. Uric Acid - a mild acid, rich in nitrogen & odour

The first 2 components are easily removed with ordinary cleaning and odour products and aren't a great challenge.
Uric acid removal however is difficult as it contains non-soluble salt crystals that are insoluble and remain tightly bonded to the surface they are on. Some products claiming odour control may work temporarily by masking the smells, but eventually the small with return.
The problem can be compounded as dogs and cats may return to the same spot to urinate again – even though some 'odour neutralising' may fool our nose for a while, pets can still smell the uric acid that is there and will continue to treat it as a toilet.

Urine Off contains enzymes that work in combination with specially adapted microorganisms that actually 'eat' the uric acid crystals as well as removing the other components of urine. By properly removing these uric acid crystals is what distinguishes Urine Off from other products making claims. Once the source of the odour and stain is removed – the problem is gone!

Using Urine Off

For best results using Urine Off:
  1. Urine Off must contact all urine deposits on or in the surface, no matter how far these deposits may have soaked in
  2. Urine Off must remain wet and in contact with the urine deposits long enough for the bio-enzymes to complete their work on the urine crystals
  3. In certain cases where deposits are heavy, very old, or other urine odour/stain products have been used, multiple Urine Off treatments may be needed.

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