Veggie Ears

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The All Natural Vegetarian Ear is a healthy alternative to the meaty favourite . . . the Pig’s Ear.
The Veggie Ear is packed with 100% all natural low fat veggie goodness, no porky pies. Pet parents can buy the Ears in packs of 5, 15 or 75

  • 100% Natural Ingredients - Allows you to monitor your dog’s food intake and avoid chemical additives that may be found in meat based treats.
  • 2.9% Fat Content - Low fat snacks allows pets to enjoy more of their favourite tasting treat without you worrying over your dog becoming chubby.
  • No Artificial Colours of Flavours - The Veggie Ear is ideal for dogs that may suffer from sensitive to food allergies and intolerances.
  • No Meat Products Added - Dogs with particular meat allergies can now be treated to a popular snack that is renowned in the industry as a pet favourite.
  • Extra Chewy - Dogs will stay entertained for longer than with most treats as more chewing is required to get through the ear.
  • Nutritional Goodness of Vegetables - Adding Veggie Ears to a dogs’ diet helps avoid ‘all meat disease syndrome’ with essential minerals & vitamins that are only be found in vegetables.
  • Contains Vegetable Fibre - The vegetable fibre assists in the dog’s digestive system.
  • Deliciously Palatable for Dogs - Tested on many of our doggy friends, and enjoyed by all, the Veggie Ear is a tasty snack that can be used for training or to treat even the fussiest of pets.
  • Extra Large - Bigger serving to suit appetites of any size.
  • Low in Salt - With only 0.2% salt, the Vegetarian Ear helps maintain a healthy blood pressure range and reduces the risk of heart congestion.

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