Vetalogica Organic Ear Cleaner 125ml

$ 12.25

Vetalogica Organic Gentle Ear Cleaner is uniquely scientifically formulated for dogs and cats to maintain healthy, clean and fresh smelling ears. It is a non-oily lotion for routine cleaning and drying of dogs and cats ears.

It contains a combination of organic ingredients which have been scientifically formulated with Milk Protein Hydrolysates to gently remove accumulated wax and reduce unpleasant ear odours.

Use: Apply 8 to 10 drops of solution in each ear (for large dogs increase dosage) - Gently massage the base of the ears until wax is dissolved - Allow dog or cat to shake its head to dispel accumulation - Repeat as required.
Once weekly application is suggested to maintain a healthy ear environment. Use before or after swimming to dry pets ears.

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