Worlds Best Hoof Oil


World's Best Hoof Oil will dramatically improve the condition of hoofed animals, from foals to aged stock, within seven to ten days. The liquid formaulation is absorbed by the hoof providing superior results to pastes. Contains a blend of oils, silicone and stockholm tar

  • The secret of World's Best Hoof Oil is that it is a liquid not a paste. Pastes often sit on the outside of the hoof, but are not absorbed. Liquids are absorbed with ease, providing far superior results to pastes.
  • If a horse has hooves that are poor it will walk poorly and compensate in other parts of the body. If it is left untreated a horse will feel pain throughout the shoulder, neck, spine and sciatica‚Äôs
  • World's Best Hoof Oil is guaranteed to work in all climates and conditions. Silicone has been added to the original formula, to aid the waterproofing of the hoof
  • In addition to silicone, other ingredients in World's Best Hoof Oil include saligari oil, emu oil, wood tar, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil, wintergreen oil, neatsfoot oil and tallow and Stockholm tar

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