Xtreme Catnip 118ml

$ 15.35

Contains 100% concentrated liquid catnip extract from the Catnip plant (Nepeta cateria)

“More crazy fun than any other catnip!” guaranteed. Xtreme Catnip's 100% natural catnip leaf is cultivated by a world renowned grower of herbs in the high altitudes of North America. High altitudes foster larger concentrations of catnip oil resulting in extreme potency. Available as a Super Concentrated Catnip Spray with no mess and no clean up. Spray it on anything and watch the crazy fun begin.


Shake well and apply liberally to kitty's favourite toy, a scrunched up piece of paper or anything else!
Catnip added to foo can often coax a finicky cat to eat

Note: Approximately 15% of cats do not have the gene to respond to catnip. Cats under 6 months of age rarely respond to catnip.